Fun ways to run in Worcestershire

Some people simply prefer betting on sports instead of playing them. You can place a bet here and there, but the true experience comes when you’re the one people are betting on. We are going to show you a few fun ways to run in Worcestershire that would hopefully get even the laziest person off the couch and on to the track.

Choose scenic routes

Luckily, Worcestershire has a lot of beautiful sceneries. If you live in a small town, it’s easy for you to find routes away from the streets. You can run on grass or even go uphill through the woods to train for cross country competitions. Rural Worcestershire offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy peace and quiet, to recharge yourself mentally and physically through a half hour run.

Run at night

If you are not afraid and you feel you can take care of yourself, running in the night is a great feeling. The streets are clear and there are no cars to disturb the quiet. The weather is a bit chilly to keep you awake and give you a boost. Anyway, it’s safe to take some precautionary measures. We suggest you don’t run through the woods after dark and stick to well lit areas. If you want, it’s ok to carry a pepper spray for emergency situations.

Still, anyone who feels the need to carry a pepper spray should probably not get out late at night because the anxiety might ruin the run for you and you’ll end up looking over your shoulder every 5 minutes or so. Night runs are best for those who feel comfortable in such settings.

Go with your dog

If you have a dog, he would benefit a lot from extra exercise. Besides, you don’t have to schedule extra time to walk your dog. This works only for those who have medium to big dogs that can keep up with the running pace of a human. A Chihuahua, for example, wouldn’t be suitable for this activity.

Choose a running buddy

You don’t have to run with your BFF. Most people prefer a friend who’s in the same situation as them: a coach potato who wants to get some exercise. Others would rather go with someone who already runs regularly.

Either way, having a running buddy works for several reasons. First, a certain dynamic is created between you two and you feel you’re letting the other down by not showing up to your regular training.

Second, you can speak from time to time especially if you’re jogging and not running at high speed. You can complain about everything that’s been wrong with your day, thus allowing the stress to dissipate. The endorphins released during the run will also help with that.