The Most Watched Sporting Events in the World

Sports are by far some of the most entertaining events you can watch. Whether football, for the clash of two teams, different playstyles, especially on the international stage, or tennis, where two individuals fight one another for the title. But it often isn’t just two people battling for a title, but their teams backing them and more often than not, a lot of fans.

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The world loves sports, but some events get more views than others. Here are the world’s most watched sports events.

The FIFA World Cup

This has to be one of the world’s most watched events, simply because football is the world’s most popular sport. It regularly pulls over a million views per match, often a lot more than that. The metrics are difficult to measure, but all in all, it is safe to say that at least ten million people watch the World Cup, especially the playoffs and the final. A single match has had an excess of tens of millions of people watching, and it is only expected that more people will be watching in the future.

The Olympic Games

There is nothing like the world competing in a variety of sports. Yes, football can be entertaining, but why not football and tennis and track & field and every other Olympic sport? And that is just the Summer Olympic Games. Once winter comes, it gets even more interesting, for some viewers at least. The Olympic Games, similarly to the World Cup, pull a lot of viewers. The Olympic Games tend to be more interesting for some people, due to their diversity. For some people, more sports is better than a single sport.

The Super Bowl

Football is a popular sport in the United States, meaning American football. Is popular to the extent that when the Super Bowl is on, many people cancel their other engagements, take a day off from work, and stick to their TVs or computer screens, watching the game unfold. While not as popular of a sport internationally, it still has some fans outside the US, who want to watch the Super Bowl and often do.

Tour de France

You would be surprised at how many viewers a bicycle race can pull. It often pulls a lot of viewers, sometimes going head to head with the FIFA World Cup. The reason for this is that grand tours such as the Tour de France can be watched at any time during the multiple stages, and not just at one point, for those 90 minutes, not to mention that a lot of people enjoy cycling.

These are the world’s most watched sports events, some of them having more viewers than others, yet all of them immensely popular, that at one point, a third of the world would be watching them.