The Most Important Athletics Events

In the world of sports, football, basketball, tennis as well as cricket, are often in the limelight. They get the most attention and the highest paid salaries, especially at the top. Other sports do not get as much attention and the athletes are often underpaid compared to their peers in other sports. 

Sports bettors love betting on various sports, whether football or athletics. They often browse the internet, searching for ways of making their online betting journey easier, most often by finding promotion codes like this Sportingbet Promotion Code.

While punters choose their sports because one or another might earn them more money, fans often choose their sports because they feel connected to them in one way or another. This is why there are plenty of people who love athletics or track and field, as they are often called. Among the many athletics events, there are a couple which stand out. Here they are, in no particular order.

The Olympic Games

Every four years, the world’s best athletes come together and compete at the world stage. The Olympic Games are divided into the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. The Summer version hosts the athletics events, namely running, jumping, pole vaulting, throwing, and many more. The Olympic Games are what every professional athlete strives to reach. Every athlete wants to win a medal at the Olympic Games, both for themselves and their country. It is not just a matter of personal achievements, but also a matter of pride, a bit of patriotism. 

IAAF World Championships

People often only know about track and field events at the Olympic Games. Most don’t care to find out whether there are more athletics events, even though there obviously are. Every country, every city, has its own events where athletes can compete. After proving your worth on a national level, you can rise to the international level. 

The World Championships were a part of the Olympic Games from 1913 until 1983. The International Association of Athletics Federation decided that they should have their own championship which isn’t a part of the Olympics. Thus, in 1983, in Helsinki, Finland, the first ever World Championships were held. Over 1300 athletes from 154 countries were present. Nowadays, it is held every two years, on odd years. Just like most international competitions, the locations change, from England, the United States, Qatar, to Hungary and all over the world. 

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are held by 54 countries which are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, meaning the previous British Empire. Every four years, athletes from the 54 member countries compete in various sports, from archery to wrestling, with plenty in between.

Athletics events are not as popular as football events, yet there still are plenty of them. The most popular ones are without a doubt the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Every country has its own national track and field events, yet those are only popular on a local level.