The Abbott World Marathon Majors – What Are The World Marathons

Some people prefer watching football, while others turn their attention to something a bit different. Watching marathon races, for example, might not be as entertaining to some people. Others find it thrilling to see runners face their demons with every step, as they are trying to win a race, whether against other runners, or themselves.

Some people even bet on marathon races, striving to win some money off their favorite racers winning. Using online bookmakers and promotions such as Netbet Bonus, these punters get more than the average punter. Punters get more with online bookmakers (more often than not).

However, which marathon races are that attractive and lucrative that bookmakers promote them? Well, the World Marathon Majors. Here is everything that you need to know about them.

The World Marathon Majors – Origins

Marathon Majors have already existed but perhaps not under that name. There are several great marathons in larger cities of the world, many of which were used to break records (given that records only counted on some marathons), which attract more runners than other marathons. Such marathons are the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokyo marathons.

In 2006, a point-based system was devised to become a championship for the athletes who run in the major marathons of the year, as well as the IAAF World Championships, as well as the Olympics, when they are on. The World Championships are biannual and the Olympics quadriannual. Points from each of the tournaments count for that year/season. Running in at least one of the majors qualifies you for that year’s tournament. The person with the most points in the end, wins, in each of the groups, men’s, women’s, men’s wheelchair and women’s wheelchair.

How Does it Work – The Rules of the Competition

Like all competitions, this one also has its own rules. Whether you run a single major or multiple ones, you still gather some points, or rather, you are eligible to run for that season. Not all places at a major, however, earn points. Prior to 2015, the first place would get 25 points, the second 15, the third 10, the fourth 5 and the fifth a single point. After 2015, this changed and the second place would get 16 points, the third 9 and the fourth 4, the first and fifth spot were unchanged. The runner with the most points wins a prize. Prior to 2015, the prizes for men’s and women’s running were 500,000 dollars each. After 2015, the men’s and women’s runners would get 250,000 for first place, 50,000 for second and 25,000 for third place. In the wheelchair category, both men and women get 50,000 for first, 25,000 for second and 10,000 for third place.

Will 2020 Count?

As with every season, 2020 will count, even though the Boston, Chicago, New York and Berlin marathons weren’t held. 2 of the 6 major marathons were held and results are still in. Given how the Olympics were also delayed, the 2021 season will have those results, rather than the 2020 one.

These are the World Marathon Majors, or rather the Abbott World Marathon Majors, Abbott being their sponsor. It is a competition based on points which you get from the major marathon races as well as the World Championships and the Olympics when they are on.