How to Bet on Athletics Events

Athletics is not only one of the oldest sports on the planet but one of the most popular sports to this day.. “One” sport is maybe not a good description, as it consists of several different sports disciplines which are all interrelated in one way or another. There are numerous activities during an athletics event which makes it a perfect sport for betting.

Where to Bet on Athletics

Many casinos and sports betting platforms allow placing bets on athletics. It is up to you to choose your favorite and place bets. Make sure to pick the ones which will give you a nice welcome bonus – see how that works with Virgin Casino promotional code 2018.

Rules for Betting on Athletics

There are not many exceptions to the rules when it comes to athletics. It is such a sport that there’s no extra time and other complications that can make your betting more difficult. In fact, they are pretty up-to-the-point, so athletics can be said to be a sport with few things causing potential disqualification.

Types of Bets in Athletics

There are four standard types of bets on athletics and all of them are pretty straightforward as they generally revolve around picking the winner and betting on them. Take a look at how you can bet in this sport.

Event outrights

This is the most typical bet and it involves betting on the winner of a specific event in a specific championship. For example, you can bet on an athlete running  a 100m race and if they win, you win the bet. Of course, the odds vary on a great scale and the favorites are usually given lower odds. For example, if you were to bet on Usain Bolt several years ago, odds for him winning a 100m race would be pretty low, as he was always the favorite.

Winner without

If there is an ultimate champion who has the highest chances of winning or is most likely to win the event, such as the aforementioned Usain Bolt, you can choose this bet and place your money on somebody who will be second as the winner would be excluded from the bet.

To win a medal

This type of bet revolves around betting on an athlete most likely to win a medal. Bear in mind that there are three medals – gold, silver, and bronze. In simple language, you bet on whether an athlete of your choice will win either a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

Specials betting

Athletics is so diverse, there are numerous other events, which implies there are other types of betting on athletics as well. For example, you can bet on an athlete’s chances to break the world record, or their chances to achieve a personal milestone. If you ever placed bets on horse racing, you probably know about various types of bets that are “special”. The great thing is that almost all of them can be applied to athletics. There are hundreds of bets available and that makes athletics so interesting for betting. Every sports and betting enthusiast will enjoy the diversity as there are numerous events to place your bets on in athletics.