Best Athletics Games You Can Play

Online sports are not only fun to bet on – they are fun to play in the form of a computer game. This is why the two seem inseparable. Once, I turned my PC on, punched in my Tropicana Casino promotional code (because I am a frugal gamer, and casino games can cost money), fed the cat (because I have a cat), forgot what I was doing, sat at the computer again, and finally started playing a bunch of online games.

It is for this reason that I have compiled a list of things I have come across – a list of games about athletics and sports in general that anyone can enjoy. These games can be found easily, and all of them gave me at least a few minutes of entertainment.

Ragdoll Runners

This games is not exactly playable online, per se. It is a single player game that you can buy on Steam. The online part comes from the fact that your score, as well as the score of others, is stored in the cloud, so you are always competing against someone’s best time.

The ragdoll mechanics in this game will make you laugh, as well as rage. If you want to see the game in action, we suggest looking up the gameplay on YouTube, or, better yet, look up some of your favorite YouTubers play the game.

Dare Course

This is another game from Steam that we feel you could easily enjoy. If you have ever seen Wipeout, or Ninja Warrior, then you know that those TV shows are about contestants taking on a ridiculous obstacle course, relying on their athletics and wit alone.

Dare Course puts you in the shoes of a contestant of such a game. You will have to dodge pipes, walls that push you into the water, and cannons shooting into your character’s stomach. The game is fun, and a little bit demanding towards RAM – 4GB. As is the case with Ragdoll Runners, you are competing against other people’s scores.

Hyper Sports R

This is the up-and-coming game, exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. It is also the third game in the famous, though outdated, Track and Field series. If you don’t know what Track and Field is, it is a very old game with Olympic events. You face off against the computer in challenging events, like javelin throw, long jump, and hurdles.

Hyper Sports R was revealed in E3 this year, and received with mixed feelings. While it is great that Konami is returning to classics, some fear that this’ll ruin all of the innovation. The graphics have been updated from its original style, naturally, and the characters you can choose seem cartoony, but likeable. It is still not released, but we expect great things from this title.