5 New and Unique Sports for You to Try

There is nothing like discovering a new idea, something to be passionate about. When the said idea can be done in practice, then things get even more interesting. New sports are something we often do not come across, all being accustomed to sports we have been playing for years. When a new thing pops up, we either embrace it, or completely forget about it. 

Here are some new sports to consider, something which you should find interesting when things get a bit boring.

Muggle Quidditch

Everybody who read Harry Potter or watched the movies has had a thing for quidditch, the sport you see wizards playing. In Muggle Quidditch, you have all the players you regularly would, as well as the brooms. No flying is allowed, however, but the brooms must be between the legs at all times. You have handballs for the quaffles, dodgeballs for the bludgers and the snitch is actually a runner dressed in yellow. They are allowed to go outside the pitch, but not climb things. It is interesting, though flying would definitely make it better.

Sepak Takraw

It is not a new sport, but one played for at least five centuries. Originating in south-east Asia, it involved players kicking a ball, using their chest, knees or head, to get it over a pretty tall net. It is often called kick volleyball, and for a good reason, it resembles volleyball, yet the net is placed a lot lower compared to actual volleyball.

Walking Basketball

Why would anybody want to play walking basketball? Because they are injured, old or otherwise compromised and running could leave them in more trouble than it would be worth. Walking basketball was invented in 2013 and it has all the same rules as basketball does, except, one has to always walk. Running is not allowed. This is a perfect sport for the elderly or those with problematic knees.

Unicycle Hockey

When you think that things cannot get weirder, they actually do. Unicycle hockey is an amazing sport that has five players using ice hockey sticks and a tennis ball (most often), to try and score goals against each other. There is no goalie, so it is completely a game of skill. There are several rules, such as no offensive contact and players having to have both feet on the pedals when engaging the ball.

Ultimate Frisbee

Imagine playing frisbee on a football pitch, trying to get it to the end zone of the pitch. But you cannot run. You have six other teammates to count on and seven opponents who will try to stop you. It is a no-contact game and has no referees, meaning that everything is based on the sportsmanship of the players.

These have been five unique sports, interesting and innovative. Which one would you try?